SNS4Asian Contributors

Marina Kim

Marina is the President/CEO/Founder of Asian Marketing Services (AMS). She has decades of marketing knowledge and experience, majoring in advertising and working with media outlets before founding AMS in 1996. Over AMS' history, she has constantly grown and adapted their marketing services to best fit the needs of clients and the changing media landscape.

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Brian Loebig

Brian is the Internet & Social Media Strategist for AMS and the owner of Loebig Ink Consulting. With over 15 years working in quality improvement, human services, and technology, Brian is an expert on growing small businesses, especially through the use of Internet solutions. Brian graduated from Marquette University with his MBA. In addition to his partnership with AMS for SNS4Asian, you can find him online at the award-winning technology blog:

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Spencer Chang

Spencer is the Business Development Director at Asian Marketing Services. He is a BBA graduate of the University of Michigan. Since joining AMS, much of his work has been focused on developing their Internet marketing services. He holds numerous certifications for online marketing tools and strategy.

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