Friday, July 12, 2013

A Comparison of Social Media, Part 3: Media Sharing

Hello! :D Today is the third part of our series describing and comparing the major social media services. We will be talking about Media Sharing.

Media Sharing Sites

Media sharing sites are websites where users can upload images and videos to share with others, and where they can view content from other people. You can also connect and communicate with friends, like networking sites, and connect your media sharing accounts to your social network accounts. Additionally, networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ also allow you to upload pictures and videos. However, the primary purpose of the following sites is centered around the displaying and sharing of images and video.


  • The premiere and most popular by far video sharing and viewing site
  • Part of the Google network - video ads often play before the video you want to watch
  • Users will watch, share, and follow users and videos that are funny, interesting, or informative


  • The most popular photo sharing site
  • Requires a mobile phone with the app to take and share pictures
  • Also has new video recording and sharing capabilities
  • Very social - users follow one another to see pictures of their daily lives
  • Has some built-in photo editing tools


  • Newer and very popular sharing site with a layout designed around pictures and videos
  • Users upload pictures or link to pictures from other websites (including blogs), these pictures are called "pins"
  • Users can then create "boards" which are collections of pins, these boards can be personal or by topic, and users can follow other boards
  • People can spend hours on Pinterest looking at pictures and following links to subjects they are personally interest in
  • Some popular topics on Pinterest are recipes, art displays, fashion trends, crafts ideas
  • Pins are often informative, as well as visually appealing
  • Pinterest is much more popular with women than men


  • Vimeo is another video sharing site, like YouTube
  • Where as YouTube contains all kinds of content, Vimeo is geared toward high-quality, more professional videos, including many independent or "indie" filmmakers


  • Photo hosting and sharing site
  • Owned by Yahoo
  • Users can upload and display their personal photographs, and make them available for download
  • Photos are often "tagged," associating them with relevant keywords that describes the subject of the image
  • Users can then search Flickr's database for pictures relating to their search terms

These media sharing sites are great for small businesses to share beautiful creative content about their products and services.

Thank you for reading! Next time will be our final installment in this series, and we will be discussing Internet Directories. Stay tuned! :)

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