Monday, July 1, 2013

A Comparison of Social Media, Part 2: Blogging

Welcome to Part 2 of our series comparing the different types of social media and their leading sites. Today we will discuss blogs.

What is a blog?

The word 'blog' is a shortened form of the term 'web log,' so a blog is basically an online journal. Blogs are usually about specific topics, such as the daily events of the author's personal life, reviews of movies the author has seen, or updates about a business' operation. Blog entries are detailed, often including many pictures, lists, and graphics. For short news updates, it is better to use a 'microblogging' service like Twitter or Facebook status updates.

Blog readers look at blog entries to learn new information, and will use services to daily keep track of blogs that provide them with interesting articles. Popular blog entries also show up frequently in search engines when users are looking for information about a relevant subject.

Blogging Sites

 Word Press

  • Most popular blogging site
  • Very customizable - can easily produce great professional sites


  • A Google service, so it is easy to connect to Google+
  • Very straightforward, easy-to-use design


  • More of a microblogging site, heavily graphics-based, entries usually have images and a small amount of text
  • Good for photo blogs - entries are pictures with captions

More Info About Blogs

  • Blog layouts are customizable and can include a variety of information and tools, including information about the author/company and links to other blogs/sites and to share entries on social media.
  • Apps like Feedly and Flipboard gather and organize new blog entries and news articles from subscribed sources into one easy-to-read location.
  • Some businesses even use blog as their websites, and most blogging services make it very easy to purchase a custom web address through their service.
  • Here is an example of a high-quality blog from one of our partners, Loebig Ink

Next time, Part 3: Media Sharing Sites...

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