Thursday, June 20, 2013

A Comparison of Social Media, Part 1: Networking

Do you ever get confused by the number of social media sites out there? What do they do? How are they different? What can they provide for my business? Don't worry, you aren't the only ones. This is the first entry in our series categorizing and comparing some of the most important and widely used social media services:

Networking Sites

All social media allows users to connect with friends, but for these sites, their primary purpose is for users to communicate with one another.

Facebook icon    Facebook

  • The most popular social media service
  • Users can provide a lot of detailed personal information, connect and communicate with friends
  • Many features, which are often similar to and can be connected to other social media
  • Businesses can create detailed pages, where users can "Like" to follow updates from the company

Twitter icon    Twitter

  • 2nd most popular social media - more popular with younger generation
  • Not many features, very simple to use
  • Used to "Tweet" a couple sentences of information at a time to your network of followers
  • Constantly updated with news, very easy to share information to a large group of people
  • Focused on conversation and interaction
  • Many celebrities are active on Twitter

Linkedin icon    LinkedIn

  • The most popular professional networking site
  • Users can display their work and resume information
  • Users can give recommendations for other professionals, and provide introductions among people
  • Companies can create pages with information about the business and its services
  • Also a popular job search site

Google-plus icon    Google Plus

  • Probably the most like Facebook in terms of features
  • The biggest advantage to Google+ is that it connects with widely used Google services like Gmail

Another major benefit of using these networking sites is the ease of connecting with companies, groups, organizations, celebrities, and peers with shared interests. You can then conveniently share their updates and content with your own personal networks.

Stay tuned for Part 2: Blogging Services...

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