Thursday, May 23, 2013

Hello! :)

Welcome to SNS4Asian! We are the new digital marketing subsidiary of Asian Marketing Services (AMS) working in partnership with Loebig Ink Consulting.

SNS stands for 'social networking services,' which is what we provide. We specialize in connecting Asian-owned small businesses to the massive audiences using social media, helping to overcome language, generational, and technological barriers. Social media marketing is the fastest-growing, most dynamic form of advertising because more and more people are using social media with greater frequency in their daily lives. Social media allows businesses to interact personally with customers to build publicity and brand reputation.

Social media, however, requires a deep time commitment as users desire new and frequently updated content. Our expertise will allow business owners to focus on operating their companies while we handle the numerous social media sources that require constant updates. Social media presence is a necessity in today's world as it is how most people get a first impression of a business and find information about their products.

Check out our website ( for more information about our services. We are currently offering support for Korean, Chinese, and English-speaking business owners. Also, feel free to use our contact box or email us to chat about social media marketing. We would love to hear from you!

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